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The City of Edina owns several parcels of land near 50th & France. After issuing a Request for Proposals to add public parking, commercial space and a vibrant streetscape, the Buhl Investors/Saturday Properties development team was selected as the preferred development partner. Their concept consists of two distinct components that would be constructed separately.

Phase 1 involves expanding and remodeling the existing North Ramp to include more public parking and new commercial space on the street level. Phase 2 includes replacing the aging Center Ramp with new commercial space and apartments centered on a new public plaza. Two levels of parking for residents and the general public would be below ground.

What is needed to ensure this project’s success?

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Jim Stromberg over 1 year ago

I think that one of the things being done right now will help: discussion with the developers and the people around the project - both business members and the residents that surround the district. If there is some good dialog among all the people of Edina, and if the Council steps up and sets some boundaries, I think the project will succeed. When I state that the Council needs to step up, I mean things like the "green" area that will form the transition of the north wall of the north ramp with the south property lines of the residents of 49th street. The developers have asked for input from those neighbors on what they might do to 'buffer' the area. The REAL challenge will be the City's willingness to maintain that buffer of 12-18 feet - they certainly haven't done their job with the present area behind the ramp. Maybe if the Council would designate that whole 'run' between France and the Post Office a 'park', they might be more inclined to maintain it?

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Jennifer Hennemuth over 1 year ago

Resident input and addressing traffic congestion is key. Too much high density and lack of easy access will be problematic.

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