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The City of Edina owns several parcels of land near 50th & France. After issuing a Request for Proposals to add public parking, commercial space and a vibrant streetscape, the Buhl Investors/Saturday Properties development team was selected as the preferred development partner. Their concept consists of two distinct components that would be constructed separately.

Phase 1 involves expanding and remodeling the existing North Ramp to include more public parking and new commercial space on the street level. Phase 2 includes replacing the aging Center Ramp with new commercial space and apartments centered on a new public plaza. Two levels of parking for residents and the general public would be below ground.

Do you have other suggestions for the overall project?

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Jim Stromberg over 1 year ago

Only this: let's remember that the 50th and France district is plopped right in the middle of a residential area of Edina. That means that we should be mindful of those residents as we continue to commercialize the shopping district. Traffic, noise, and visual impairment should be a huge part of this conversation. We all want the area to be welcoming, vibrant, and successful - but not to the detriment of the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

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Carolyn Jackson over 1 year ago

I also hope that this project considers the impact on greenhouse gas emission--can we make this a model project that allows for growth while continuing to meet the City's goals of reducing greenhouse gases 30% by 2025?

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David Frenkel over 1 year ago

No mention in this discussion about involving Minneapolis in these discussions. Half of 50th/France is in Minneapolis. They have no interest in paying for any public projects in Edina but their input should be considered on issues of density and traffic.

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Beth Psihos over 1 year ago

There are several businesses I would visit around 50th and France, but I avoid going anywhere near it due to the traffic and the parking. This sounds like it will just make it worse.

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Leslie Swensen over 1 year ago

I too agree, a smaller town feel is more welcoming. Angled steet parking vs a bigger "improved ramp" is more appealing. I too avoid going to the area almost like the MOA. It needs to stay small and more residential. To keep our town shopping area safer, more accessible, and less "city like".

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