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The City of Edina owns several parcels of land near 50th & France. After issuing a Request for Proposals to add public parking, commercial space and a vibrant streetscape, the Buhl Investors/Saturday Properties development team was selected as the preferred development partner. Their concept consists of two distinct components that would be constructed separately.

Phase 1 involves expanding and remodeling the existing North Ramp to include more public parking and new commercial space on the street level. Phase 2 includes replacing the aging Center Ramp with new commercial space and apartments centered on a new public plaza. Two levels of parking for residents and the general public would be below ground.

How can the second phase be improved or enhanced?

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Sharon G over 1 year ago

From what I have heard ("Half of the 305 new parking spaces would be reserved for apartment residents, with the other 150 added to the city’s free parking system."), there needs to be a 3rd level for parking so that residents of the apartments and/or their visitors do not use public parking spaces. 150 parking spots for 131 apartments only lets 19 apartments have more than one car. They need to have more parking so the public spots aren't used by the renters/owners. 3 Levels of underground parking, not 2, are needed.

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Jim Stromberg over 1 year ago

As I've watched the 'video' of the project, there is much to be appreciated! And, certainly, there is a need to 'work' on this part of the 50th and France district. My overall impression of the 2nd phase is favorable, except for the idea of going 6 stories in height. I appreciated some of the Council also expressing some concern for that - suggesting maybe that the plan be 'graduated' in height, so that we wouldn't see a lot of "same-height,straight-walls" kind of thing. I think the developers also see an advantage of being creative with the building design. I'm hoping that there's a way to take away that 6-story idea. Has anyone thought about adding a single story of apartments above the present structure that's on the north side of 50th street? Why not connect that with a skyway over the plaza to the new structure?

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Jennifer Hennemuth over 1 year ago

Again I will echo the concern with 6 stories. It's too high and too dense for the area. Also, I don't want to see the surface parking eliminated. Easy access in and out is an important feature for the success of the businesses and to accommodate the residents of Edina and patrons. Downtown Edina is not a big city and to try and emulate one will reduce the charm and appeal of our downtown area. Bigger is not always better, and in this case it's too much to pack in.

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Joel Stegner, Community volunteer over 1 year ago

Have public hearings in which as effort is made to target those likely to consider living in the apartments, as it will be their neighborhood. Hearings related to multi-unit housing tend not to reach their audience, but focus more on those who don't live there or within walking distance and may reject the need for multi-unit housing innEdins,

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