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Discussion: 50th & France

50th & France, Edina’s downtown, has a long history as a successful retail area. Current-day 50th & France is home to a variety of business, shops and restaurants. It is also the center of several annual events, including the Edina Art Fair, Open Streets on 50th, Pumpkin Fest and more. The City of Edina owns and maintains the parking ramps in the district and maintains the sidewalks. One of Edina Liquor’s three locations is also located at 50th & France.


Do you visit 50th & France? Why or why not? How often?

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Topic: Like Most

What do you like most about 50th & France? What about it draws you to visit?

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Topic: Events

What do you think of the events hosted at 50th & France? 

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Topic: Businesses

Are there any business types or industries that are missing from the 50th & France mix that the City could help recruit?

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