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The City is seeking feedback for the 70th and Cahill small area plan, as a part of the larger 2018 Comprehensive Plan. In 2008, when the last Comprehensive Plan was completed, the area was identified as a place where change, such as significant remodeling, redevelopment or land use and zoning changes, is likely to occur.


Topic: Land Use

What do you see being the best use of land for the 70th and Cahill area in the future? For example, low-, medium- or high-density residential; business and light industrial; more retail, etc.?

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How should the area look and feel in the future? What does the future target audience look like?

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What does the future transportation of the area look like? Where should people park? For example, in underground ramps, on-site lots, off-site along the streets or in area ramps. How important is it to have bus services around the area and to make it bicycle-friendly? How important is it to have additional access points into the area and from which direction and what areas of the City?

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When it comes to the future of the area, which of the following would you prefer and why:

Extensive remodeling – essentially keep the existing layout and buildings in place, but refresh the structures so that the area feels more updated.

Redevelop a large portion of what exists today – demolish a large portion of the area and basically start over with the site design to create better links to the surrounding neighborhoods, improve transportation options and increase the attractiveness of the 70th & Cahill area.

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