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Discussion: Advertising

The City has sold advertising for many years to help offset the production costs of some of its publications. Currently, advertising space is sold in the City's AboutTown magazine, the Senior Center's The Times newsletter and the Parks & Recreation Department's Activities Directory. The City also sells advertising space on dasherboards in Braemar Arena and Backyard Rink, on season tickets at Braemar Field and tee dividers at the Braemar Golf Dome. The City also sells sponsorships for "Enterprise Edina" and "Beyond the Badge," two television shows produced by the City.


What do you think about the amount of advertising in the City's publications compared to the content?

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Topic: Advertisers

Do you ever patronize the businesses that advertise with the City? Why or why not?

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Topic: More Ads?

Should the City sell more advertising at City Facilities? If so, where and how much do you think is appropriate?

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Topic: Other Ads

Should the City consider expanding advertising even further, to areas such as water towers, City parking ramps, City-owned billboards and/or City websites? Why or why not?

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