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Discussion: Bee Keeping

The City wants to learn more about what people think about bee keeping. Currently, cities like Minneapolis allow residential bee keeping with a permit and some restrictions. Bees are a vital part of our food system, pollenating plants and flowers. However, the numbers of bees has declined dramatically due to the overuse of pesticides, diseases and parasites. Residential bee keeping could help re-stabilize bee populations.

Note: The City is not proposing a change at this time. By using this online discussion, feedback on topics will be compiled and given to the City Council as informational only.


Topic: Support?

Do you support residential bee keeping? Why or why not?

33 Responses
Topic: Limitations

What types of limitations (numbers of hives, density, location of hives, etc.), if any, should be placed on those who chose to keep bees?

11 Responses
Topic: Permitting

Should a permit be required for residential bee keeping? Why or why not?

13 Responses
Topic: Hazards

How should the City handle complains and address potential health hazards, such as bee-related allergies?

15 Responses