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The City has started the planning process for what features should go in Braemar Park, already home to Braemar Golf Course, Braemar Arena, Braemar Field and Courtney Fields. Park elements such as picnic shelters, playgrounds, fields, courts, walking trails and mountain bike and Nordic skiing trails could go in the remaining areas of the 500-acre park to create opportunities for year-round use. In addition, safe connections to the surrounding neighborhoods and environmental restoration should be part of the plan.


Topic: Amenities

What types of park amenities would you like to see added to create year-round recreational opportunities at Braemar Park?

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Would you like to see mountain bike trails added to the park? Why or why not?

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Topic: Trail System

Would you use a walking trail system that looped around the outskirts of Braemar Golf Course? Why or why not?

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How should the City improve access to the park and connect it with the surrounding neighborhoods?

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