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Discussion: Capital Improvements

The City of Edina has a biennial process to identify long-term capital improvement priorities that we call the Capital Improvement Plan, or CIP. Capital improvement projects include large, one-time investments like vehicles, buildings, parks and streets. Capital improvements do not include ongoing expenses like new staff positions or services. Edina's last CIP was completed in the fall of 2012 and covered the construction period from 2013-2017. A summary of that plan can be found here. During summer and fall of 2014, the City will work on the next CIP for the 2015-2019 construction period. We want to know what you think should be included in the 2015-2019 CIP. Speak Up, Edina!


What sort of capital improvements would you like the City to make in the future?

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Take a look at the 2012-2017 CIP here. What are your thoughts on the last CIP? Did we miss anything we should consider this time around?

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With limited funds, what is most important to you that should take priority? Are we doing too much of one thing, and not enough of another?

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