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Discussion: Drive Thrus

Drive-thrus are allowed in Planned Commercial Districts (PCD) and have different regulations depending on the use, according to City Code Sections 36-613 and 614. There are more than a dozen drive-thrus in Edina for businesses such as restaurants, banks and pharmacies.

What do you think about drive-thrus?

NOTE: The City is not proposing any changes to local law at this time. By using this online discussion, feedback on topics will be compiled and given to the City Council as information only.


Topic: Prohibit

Should the City consider prohibiting new drive-thrus? What are your general opinions of drive-thrus?

13 Responses
Topic: Best Uses

What types of businesses work best with a drive-thru?

10 Responses
Topic: Environment

Cars can often idle in a drive-thru line for several minutes. Do you have any environmental or health concerns over idiling cars? 

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