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Discussion: Food Trucks

The City is interested to find out how the community feels about food trucks.

Note: The City is not proposing a change at this time. By using this online discussion, feedback on topics will be compiled and given to the City Council as informational only.


Currently, City Code does not allow food trucks in Edina. Would you support food trucks in Edina? Why or why not?

53 Responses

Should there be protection in place for brick-and-mortar businesses against mobile food trucks? If so, what?

17 Responses

If food trucks were allowed, should they be restricted to certain areas of the City? Where would you like to see them?

13 Responses

When should food trucks be allowed? Only during summer, events, all year, or something else? What about time of day?

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Topic: Licensing

Should the City limit the number of licenses available every year? Why or why not?

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