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The City of Edina is exploring the idea of Grandview Green, a two-acre green space that could be located directly over Minnesota Highway 100 near the existing 50th Street/Vernon Avenue and Eden Avenue bridges. This location is under consideration because the original topography readily allows for this type of improvement.

Since this land has been tax-exempt for many decades, any new development will generate new tax dollars for the City, School and other taxing agencies. The construction costs of this project can be borne by future development with no anticipated tax increase for Edina residents.

This highway “lid” could provide a friendly and safe pedestrian connection across the highway with fewer conflicts from vehicles getting on and leaving Highway 100. The Grandview Green project could also create new community green space as part of a civic campus near Edina City Hall. New development (public or private) along the eight acres of underused land along the edge of the highway is anticipated to pay for the construction of the new park.


How important is it to have safe and friendly connections between the east and west portions of Highway 100?

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How do you see two acres of new green space best being used?

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Topic: Amenities

What type of amenities do you envision for this new park?

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What types of events and programming would attract you to use the new park?

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While the focus of this particular conversation is about the public open space that could be created, the overall project could stimulate new development adjacent to Highway 100. What suggestions do you have for the type and scale of new development in the area?

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