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The City of Edina does not officially recognize Columbus Day, the second Monday in October, as a holiday.

A proposal by the Human Rights & Relations Commission to establish the second Monday in October as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” follows local, state and international movements to recognize the contributions of indigenous people in culture and history. Such a designation encourages schools, faith organizations and civic groups to hold programs to educate the public about the indigenous people and to celebrate their contributions to our communities. 

Other cities, including Berkeley, Calif., Denver, Colo., Red Wing, Minn., and Minneapolis, have already established such designations. The proposed recognition would not alter the City’s day-to-day activities. City Hall and all city offices and schools would still remain open, and meetings and all city activities would still be scheduled throughout the day.


Topic: Establish?

Should the City of Edina establish "Indigenous Peoples' Day?" Why or why not?

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Topic: How to Honor?

If "Indigenous Peoples' Day" is established in Edina, how would you recommend this day to be honored?

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