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Discussion: Organics Recycling


Hennepin County has a goal to have 75 percent of waste recycled by 2030. In 2015, 46 percent of waste generated in Hennepin County was diverted to recycling or organics recycling. Even though recycling in the County has steadily increased, it’s slowed down the last few years. To help reach this goal, the City of Edina encourages residents to increase their participation in recycling, including recycling organics. While only one of the refuse haulers licensed in Edina currently accepts organics, there are other ways to reduce waste by composing organics at home. The City of Edina is currently offering residents free MaxAir compost buckets and BioBags, to collect kitchen scraps.


How are you tackling food waste in your home? (Examples: backyard compost, arrangement through refuse hauler, nothing right now, etc.)

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If you’re not recycling food waste, what’s preventing you from doing so and what would encourage you to recycle food waste?

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If you are recycling organics, what did you think at first might be difficult or a barrier, but wasn’t?

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