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The City wants to learn more about what people think about the organized garbage hauling. Some cities have zoned garbage hauling where there are several haulers, but one per zone. Some cities even have one garbage hauler for the entire city, whereas Edina allows its residents to choose from a number of licensed haulers. See the topics to weigh in!

Note: The City is not proposing a change at this time. By using this online discussion, feedback on topics will be compiled and given to the City Council as informational only.


Do you prefer to choose your garbage hauler, or would you prefer the City hold contracts (like recycling) with haulers so only one garbage hauler would be used per zone or City-wide? Why or why not?

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What are you biggest concerns if the City were to move to a City-contracted garbage hauler? What are the benefits of keeping it the way it is?

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Topic: Cost

The City provides a single recycling hauler, and residents are billed quarterly with their water bills. Would you support a similar payment structure? How much do would you be willing to pay per quarter for City-contracted garbage service?

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