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In the 2017 Quality of Life survey, 54 percent of residents rated the quality of street repairs as “excellent” or “good.” While that’s increased from 38 percent since 2011, there is still room for improvement. To dive a little deeper into the subject, City staff would like to learn more about what residents think of street repairs in Edina.


Topic: Notification

If you had a street reconstruction project or street maintenance completed in your neighborhood, were you notified ahead of time? If so, how did you hear about it?

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How would you prefer to be notified about street reconstruction projects and street maintenance in your neighborhood? How far in advance?

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If you’ve previously reported a pothole or another needed street repair, how did you go about doing so? How was the process? How was the response time?

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How do you think street maintenence and street reconstruction projects should be prioritized?

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