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In the 2017 Quality of Life survey, 54 percent of residents rated the quality of street repairs as “excellent” or “good.” While that’s increased from 38 percent since 2011, there is still room for improvement. To dive a little deeper into the subject, City staff would like to learn more about what residents think of street repairs in Edina.

How would you prefer to be notified about street reconstruction projects and street maintenance in your neighborhood? How far in advance?

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Thomas Hoegh over 1 year ago

We were notified many months in advance but did not realize the streets would be redesigned with "traffic calming" features until it was too late. See more below:

WHAT IS TRAFFIC CALMING STREET DESIGN? Traffic calming street design incorporates bumpouts, center islands, etc. to get drivers to slow down and pay closer attention. It works great in most states/cities to reduce accidents.

WHY TRAFFIC CALMING STREET DESIGN MAY NOT BE THE BEST CHOICE IN MN? The bumpouts and center islands cause drivers to brake and turn. Not always a good thing with icy/snowy streets. The bumpouts/islands get covered with snow. On our street many drivers have driven over the bumpouts after a new snow, increasing the risk a driver will lose control. The bumpouts are often placed at crosswalks which puts pedestrians inches from traffic rather than several feet with a full width street.

THE EVIDENCE FOR/AGAINST TRAFFIC CALMING The largest database available on traffic calming (cited by Edina city engineer in his report for our neighborhoods street redesign) indicates great results for warm/moderate weather states and questionable results for cold-weather states like MN.

CONCLUSION: Traffic calming street redesign may be a good choice for Edina, but it should be careful considered for use in future Edina neighborhood street redesigns with the understanding that MN road conditions are simply different than the vast majority of the US.

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Jon DeMars Victorsen over 1 year ago

I would prefer to continue to be notified by mail a couple of weeks ahead of a (decision) meeting, though the daily/weekly road closure notifications sent by e-mail are appreciated.

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