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Discussion: Recycling Services

The City of Edina currently provides single-hauler recycling pick-up for residents. Residents are provided with a rolling cart to store recyclables, and recycling is picked up every other week. If needed, residents may request a second cart at no additional charge. Residents are charged $6 per quarter for recycling services, payable with their quarterly utility bills from the City.


Do you think the current cart sizes and pick-up schedules are adequate for your recycling needs? Why or why not? Would you prefer a weekly pickup?

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Currently, recycling is picked up every other week, and costs residents about $6 per quarter. Would you be willing to pay more for weekly pick-up of recycling? If so, how much more per quarter would you be willing to pay?

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Is the environmental impact of a weekly pick-up versus bi-weekly pick-up is important to you? Why or why not?

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Topic: Cart Storage

Currently, Edina City Code requires refuse, recycling and yard waste carts to be stored out of view from the front street.  Edina allows screening to be used to meet this requirement.  Would you consider it reasonable to allow the containers to be stored next to the garage or house without additional screening?

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