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The site planning for the City’s former Public Works site at 5146 Eden has advanced to the “Discovery Phase”. Over the last few months, the design team has collected hundreds of ideas and suggestions regarding how to re-use this site that has been vacant since 2010.

On March 11, the City held a “Discovery Session” to share preliminary concepts on how a mixture of public and private uses could be arranged on the site. Three different scenarios were presented to gain community input on how the site could be arranged.

Each scenario shows different combinations, massing, and scale of public and private functions. The preliminary site planning scenarios each include:

  • community/civic space,
  • outdoor civic plaza,
  • parking garage,
  • new east-west street,
  • multifamily housing,
  • professional office/flex space, and
  • retail/restaurant space

Please note that each of these scenarios are preliminary in nature. Full details have not yet been determined. They are being shared in their early stages so that the community has an additional opportunity to shape the projects considered for this City-owned land.



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Most popular suggestions for Civic Space include: Arts & Culture, Performing Arts, Culture & History, Multi-generation Community Center, Fitness & Recreation. Please provide comments here.

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