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After several years of a community-led planning and discussion, the City Council unanimously adopted a long-term vision for the Grandview District as documented in the 2012 Development Framework. After additional discussion and planning in 2013-2014, it is now time to begin implementing this vision.

The 3.3-acre site, 5146 Eden Ave., was formerly used by Edina's Public Works Department and has been vacant since 2010 when Public Works moved to a new location. The City is working in partnership with Frauenshuh Commercial Real Estate Group to prepare possible mixed-use scenarios to reuse the vacant site.

Over the years, there have been many thoughtful ideas regarding the site. This is the time to renew a serious conversation about what the community truly needs on the site and what the taxpayers are willing to support. Please share your thoughts and ideas!


The Development Framework suggests a mix of public and private uses on the site to create a vibrant destination. What are your ideas for public/private uses that work well together?

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A significant portion of the site could be used for a new public facility. The public space could include both indoor and outdoor elements. What are your ideas for the specific types and uses of a new public facility?

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Topic: Funding

It is likely that any new public facility will require funding from taxpayers. What are your ideas to creatively pay for these new public facilities?

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