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Over the last five months, the design team has considered hundreds of comments and suggestions received by the public as they prepared redevelopment scenarios for the vacant 3.3-acre former Public Works site.

Three potential scenarios have been prepared. Each scenario includes a combination of public and private uses. Since the planning is still in the early stages, full details have not yet been determined.

Help further refine these concepts by reviewing the site plan, public uses and providing additional comments below.All comments will be shared with the City Council as they decide on the best options for the community. For more information on the options and the process, visit


Topic: Public Uses

The City Council has encouraged the design team to pursue 3 out of the 4 functional themes that have been popularly supported. The new public facility on the site is envisioned to be a center for arts and community. Indoor programming could include visual arts (such as pottery, painting, glass, metals), performing arts (such as music, theater, film, dance, lectures, poetry) and multigenerational, multi-purpose programming (such as social and recreational, educational, wellness, history, and community and special events). Two outdoor civic plazas would also be included. Adequate public parking stalls would also be included to accommodate a future transit connection and park-and-ride.

What do you think of these public uses at this location?


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Topic: Site Plan

The potential site plans contains different combinations of public and private uses at sizes necessary to be successful in the marketplace (click here to view all three concept plans). The new public facility could be complimented by new apartments, hotel, or office space with retail and restaurant space. Each use has an impact on the traffic patterns and neighborhood feel that will be fully evaluated after the general direction is selected.


What do you think of the potential site plans?

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Topic: Other

Members of the Edina community have a wide variety of passionate feelings for this site. What other comments would you like to share?

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