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The Planning Commission and City Staff are looking for resident input to help ensure a balance among homeowners planning to move, existing neighbors impacted by new construction and new homeowners moving into our community. Here is your chance to provide feedback and propose solutions to redevelopment issues currently impacting the City.

Edina continues to be a disirable community. As a result, it has expereinced a large increase in the removal of existing homes and construction of new homes in established neighborhoods. This trend has sparked concern among residents. The Planning Commission established a subcommittee to identify residential zoning issues and suggest possible changes to our current zoning codes and policies.

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What are your top three suggestions regarding new residential constructions?

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Any construction project will affect neighbors in some manner, such as increased traffic and construction noise. How has the actual construction of a new home impacted you or your neighborhood? What did a builder do to mitigate your concerns? Do you have suggestions that will make the process go more smoothly for all parties? (Note: The City of Edina recently enacted a new Construction Management Plan outlining performance requirements such as work hours, parking and site maintenance.)

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Some have expresed concern that some of the new houses built in the City seem to be too large and out of scale and character with the building sizes, heights and setbacks of houses in the surrounding neighborhood. How do new, larger homes physically affect nearby properties? Should we address this in the City Code? If so, what approach should we take? Click here for view Edina's zoning ordinances compared to other surrounding cities.

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