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The City of Edina has a biennial process to identify long-term capital improvement priorities that we call the Capital Improvement Plan, or CIP. Capital improvement projects include large, one-time investments like vehicles, buildings, parks and streets. Capital improvements do not include ongoing expenses like new staff positions or services. The City of Edina is working on the next CIP for the 2015-2019 construction period.

A summary of the proposed plan can be found here. The full plan is available here.

We want to know what you think about the 2015-2019 CIP. Speak Up, Edina!


What are your first thoughts after reading the proposed plan? Is it about right or are there changes you would make?

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Due to budget limitations, the City is not able to schedule as many CIP projects as we would like. Around $7 million in projects over the next 3 years are proposed to be deferred due to lack of funding. Should the City find new funding sources like a franchise fee or a dedicated property tax levy in order to get more projects like these done?

Following your response, please take our quick survey here to let us know how you would rank your priorities.

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