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This fall, a Small Area Planning Team (SAP Team) of community members, City Staff have guided the development of a 20 year plan for the blocks nearby and surrounding the Wooddale-Valley View (WVV) Intersection. This area is one of three Neighborhood Commercial Nodes identified in the 2008 Comprehensive Plan. After a Discovery Workshop in October and a Dream Workshop in November, the SAP Team presented a Core Elements draft (preview of key policies) to the community at a Dec. 3 event at the Edina Senior Center. 

What do you think of the Core Elements for the WVV small area plan?

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Presented in draft form with illustration at the Dec. 3 Wooddale Valley View event was a set of Public Space Guidelines for a new neighborhood gathering space at or near the corner of Wooddale Valley View.

What do you think of these guidelines? What do you think is important to encourage at Neighborhood Nodes like WVV?

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