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Discussion: Vision Edina


Vision Edina is an exciting, new, broad-based and inclusive community visioning process. The Vision Edina initiative will work with local residents, organizations and businesses to explore:

  • What is unique and important about living in Edina?
  • Where is there opportunity or need to evolve or change?
  • How can we continue to progress to keep the City relevant and attractive to current and future residents and businesses?
  • What is our competitive edge?

Vision Edina will serve as an important foundation for other strategic efforts, such as the City's Comprehensive Plan and Capital Improvement Plans. When finished, Vision Edina will replace Edina Vision 20/20, which was developed in 2000 and updated in 2003.

The City has partnered with Future iQ Partners, an international consultancy company, to guide us through the visioning process. Key steps include:

  • Phase 1 (August 2014) -- Background research on existing and future trends.
  • Phase 2 (September 2014) -- Local 'think-tank' process, exploration of future options.
  • Phase 3 (October to November 2014) -- Community workshops on future options.
  • Phase 4 (December 2014 to January 2015) -- Analysis of results and defining the emerging shared vision.

Read the Scenarios of the Future Report from the think tank workshop in September. 

View the Community Profile and Benchmark Analysis, completed by Future iQ Partners.

Vision Edina is an opportunity for all residents to continue to create our shared future vision!


What do you think the future of Edina will be like in 2030? Are you excited about the future of Edina?

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Topic: Technology

With technology transforming every aspect of our lives, how do you think the community and life in Edina will change by 2030?

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Topic: Demographics

As more and more people move to live in the Twin Cities, how can Edina's neighborhoods respond to increasing population and changing demographics?

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How does the public infrastructure of Edina need to change by 2030 to reflect changes, such as increased use of pedestrian access, bike paths and mass transit?

7 Responses