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The City of Edina restricts on-street parking from Nov. 1 to March 31. During that time, vehicles are not allowed to park on a City street, highway or alley under the following conditions: when 1.5 inches of show has fallen, until it has been plowed to the curbline; from 1 to 6 a.m. regardless of wintery conditions; and for no more than six consecutive hours unless otherwise signed, enforced on a complaint basis (enforceable year-round).

Cars parked on streets make snow removal difficult and prevent a street from being thoroughly plowed. Not only can vehicles be buried or plowed in, causing visibility and safety issues, the driver could also be subject to a ticket and/or tow.



Do the winter parking restrictions have an effect on where you decide to park?

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Do you think a different parking restriction system, such as even-odd parking or snow emergencies, would better? Why or why not?

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Topic: Violations

Police make an attempt to find a vehicle's owner when a it needs to be moved. In some cases, vehicles are ticketed or towed. Do you think the penalty for a parking restriction violation is fair?

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Topic: Snow Plowing

What do you think of the overall quality of Edina's snow plowing?

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