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During the Oct. 11 Discovery Workshop, participants had an opportunity to brainstorm issues surrounding the Wooddale/Valley View neighborhood commercial node. Issues were defined in the form of a question. For example, How can we accommodate pedestrian travel in the area? or What can be done promote business vitality for the node? Click here to see the list issues identified by the residents, businesses and property owners in attendance. Add your questions!


In 2015, City Council approved the Braemar Golf Course master plan. The plan left some golf course property to convert to park land for all residents to utilize for a variety of recreational pursuits. In May 2016, staff presented a preliminary proposal to add cross country ski trails and snow tubing with man-made snow at Braemar Park. Braemar Park has the potential to be a popular winter recreation area with tubing, sledding, walking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, skijoring and fat tire biking on both man-made and natural snow, while utilizing the beauty and varied terrain of the park.

The City Council in May authorized a financial and trail feasibility study. The City hired Minnetonka-based engineering firm SEH to lead the study, along with Morton Trails and RRC. An open house for the public was held July 13 to solicit feedback on the project. Written comments are still being accepted.

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