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During the Oct. 11 Discovery Workshop, participants had an opportunity to brainstorm issues surrounding the Wooddale/Valley View neighborhood commercial node. Issues were defined in the form of a question. For example, How can we accommodate pedestrian travel in the area? or What can be done promote business vitality for the node? Click here to see the list issues identified by the residents, businesses and property owners in attendance. Add your questions!


    I feel that the property would be better served by a mix of residential and commercial uses as opposed to a higher density of commercial development. Not sure the area will support too many businesses and mixed-use development can create a wonderful area where people can live, work and play! A mixed-use development on the property would likely attract better business development as they would be in such close proximity to potential customers. I would rather see first floor retail with a floor or two of some type of housing on this property as opposed to a multi-story commercial or office building. It's somewhat of a walkable area right now, but creating a more walkable environment would greatly enhance a greater part of Edina than just those in close proximity to this parcel.