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Use our vertical space more effectively. Would make Edina a greener place.


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Part of our lawn was seeded last summer and because of poor results the City contractor came back to reseed again. We have still ended up with a lot of weeds. I would recommend that sod be used in the future.

Residents, or perhaps students, could crowdsource the information: the species, location, and size (diameter and estimated height). If these old, old trees are identified and given Heritage Status by the city, one would hope the property owner or the Park Department might take more interest in keeping the trees for the next generation.

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When tis topic was first raised, I dismissed it as too ridiculous to get traction. As a 35 year resident of the nearby Country Club neighborhood, there is nothing good that I can see regarding the highway 100 lid. We certainly don't need out of place high rise apartments and the added congestion they would bring to the area. This plan would not be additive to the character of the city and does nothing to enhance the quality of life here. This is enough reason to vote out all the council members who support this ridiculous scheme.

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Joel Stegner, Community volunteer 9 months ago

At busy intersections with lots of pedestrians stop all traffic and create diagonal cross crosswalks through the middle of intersections to greatly reduce the risk of vehicles hitting pedestrians. This is being done in LA and other places in California, which can be confirmed by a Google search.


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Dylan Noonan 9 months ago

We live near 50th and France and we're tired of cars speeding down our street. There are many families on our street with young children that would love the idea to be a reality. I'm specifically talking about Halifax Ave S but I'm sure other streets have similar concerns.

Is there a way we can request a survey or poll to implement the idea?

The intersection of Tracy and Valley View has become increasingly busy. Vehicles trying to cross or merge onto Tracy from Valley View, or the HWY 62 exit have extremely long wait times, and major back ups. This would be a similar idea to the four way stop at Benton and Normandale, which has greatly reduced the backups and wait times of cars merging onto or crossing Benton.

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The format of these "Discussions" makes it difficult to discuss them. In particular, limiting the topics within a "Discussion" to pre-defined topics, sometimes all variations on the same topic, cuts off the discussion before it gets started.

How about using a format (or a different tool, if that's necessary) that puts the issue out there, then lets people comment about the facets they want to talk about?

The current Discussion on the proposed Greenview Lid over highway 100, for example, has four Topics, all variations on what we'd like in the park that would be built there. What if people want to talk about some other aspect of the project, like making sure the project improves the traffic flow at Gus Young Lane? What if people have ideas for something other than a park? If the idea is to get people's thoughts, the tools need to be more open-ended.

I understand the need to prevent it from becoming a free-wheeling, grouse about anything forum. But the current forum is too restrictive.

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Submitted by resident Joel Stegner:

This week there is a public hearing about passenger rail. A public hearing is at best going to only attract 1% of Edina resident (500 is 1% of 50,000) and the focus will always be Not in My Back Yard opposition. In other the words the people who live close to the line who don't want it developed will show up at the meeting. Others like me who are more positive but not angry won't show up and won't be heard. I believe this is the reason the earlier attempt to do this was blocked and that no consideration given to bring the SW Light Rail through Edina.

These public meetings are always at night and during the week, times when young adults and families are busy. So the tiny sample is skewed toward empty nesters and seniors, who are less open to do new things.

Frankly, a big topic like this deserves to be in the Quality of Life survey, or covered by a well designed survey, but lacking that the city should always give residents two clear options - encourage them to write a letter to the Council and have it as a topic on Speak Out Edina.

If you only provide a convenient forum to those who have an ax to grind, you will continue to run the city not based on broad public opinion, but the loudest, angriest voices.

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Idea: Road Repair

Richard Cheng over 1 year ago

Have you ever seen road repairs, and no one is working on it? This certainly provides inconvenience to residents for no reason at all. I suggest road repairs be done one at a time. The construction company should not put up all the road blocks and not working on the site. After they put up all the road blocks, they should work on it and finish it right away.