Ann Anderson about 2 years ago

We should have an Edina Circulator bus, on the order of the intercampus buses at the U. It could have strategic pickup spots in the residential areas and go to all the popular retail and other public areas: community center, swimming pool, 50th and France, 44th and France, Bren Road and 169, Jerry's area, 70th St and Hazelton shops, 494 and France/Trader Joe's/Bobby & Steve's, Centennial Lakes/Whole Foods, 70th and Cahill businesses, 77th Street/Metro Boulevard, YMCA, LA Fitness, etc. Metro Transit seems to be a good system, but when you get away from Southdale, the bus service is more sporadic and focused on specific times of day and typical commuter direction. We could have a couple of routes that just keep circulating around and around Edina at all times. That would help hook people up with the Southdale transit hub and also would cut down on traffic and parking problems.

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Judith Felker 11 months ago

I support Ann's wonderful proposal of having an Edina Circulator bus. We moved here in 2003 and have so much enjoyed the quietness, the friendly neighbors, the beautiful trees, the fact that pet owners confine their pets to their property, and walking on the streets is safe. In those days, I didn't take into consideration how car-dependent this city is. In addition to all the reasons Ann listed, I'd like to add one more. Most of us would like to age-in-place, and a city bus would help us do that for a longer time than without it, sparing us the exorbitant cost of living for years in a facility for the aged, as well as the emotional cost of moving out of our homes. Thank you for considering this benefit, especially for seniors.