robert frick over 2 years ago

What this program would do is benefit not only the city of Edina, it would benefit handicapped persons as well. How this program works is that handicapped people out and about in Edina would report their findings to the Edina city hall. Their findings would include such agendas as during the winter time, when there is too much snow and or ice covering the sidewalks, too much ice and or snow that prohibits the handicapped persons from traveling down the sidewalks easily, or potholes that prevent handicapped persons from moving about. The handicapped person(s) that want to be part of this program would have to register with the city of Edina prior to being able to be a part of this program. The members of this particular program would be issued cameras to be able to document their findings. If the city of Edina were not funded for offering cameras to the members of this program, then the members of this program would have to possess their own camera(s) for the documentation.

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Jon DeMars Victorsen about 2 years ago

I like this idea if it is to raise awareness and understanding, and a responsive dialogue between the residents and the city staff. I would think it could be easier to implement if the allows residents to use their cameras on their phones and submit the images or movies with a text message or e-mail directly to the public works department; like an enhanced version of their "Report A Problem."

Jordan Gilgenbach about 2 years ago

Robert, thanks again for your idea, and Jon, thanks for your comment. Just wanted to chime in quickly and let you know that the City does have a mobile app called "Edina To Go," where you can submit issues directly to the City. Thanks!