The format of these "Discussions" makes it difficult to discuss them. In particular, limiting the topics within a "Discussion" to pre-defined topics, sometimes all variations on the same topic, cuts off the discussion before it gets started.

How about using a format (or a different tool, if that's necessary) that puts the issue out there, then lets people comment about the facets they want to talk about?

The current Discussion on the proposed Greenview Lid over highway 100, for example, has four Topics, all variations on what we'd like in the park that would be built there. What if people want to talk about some other aspect of the project, like making sure the project improves the traffic flow at Gus Young Lane? What if people have ideas for something other than a park? If the idea is to get people's thoughts, the tools need to be more open-ended.

I understand the need to prevent it from becoming a free-wheeling, grouse about anything forum. But the current forum is too restrictive.

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Kaylin Eidsness admin about 1 year ago

Thank you for your feedback, Dave. The conversation is meant to focus on just the green space. We plan to hold another conversation about the project that encapsulates what you mentioned above.

Matt Tourangeau 5 months ago

Dave, they need to control the conversation to gain the net result they want. If you were allowed to speak freely ( ie big picture) OMG what would happen.