Joel Stegner, Community volunteer 5 months ago

At busy intersections with lots of pedestrians stop all traffic and create diagonal cross crosswalks through the middle of intersections to greatly reduce the risk of vehicles hitting pedestrians. This is being done in LA and other places in California, which can be confirmed by a Google search.

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Mayer Highrise 3 months ago

The photo you attached is the intersection of N Highland & Hollywood Blvd, one of the busiest tourist areas in SoCal, with thousands of people crossing every day. There are no crosswalks in Edina that are anywhere close to being that busy. 50th & France crosswalks get users in the hundreds. I’d wager the crosswalks on France in the Southdale area get maybe a few dozen users a day. Edina spent millions on France a few years ago removing the free right turn lanes, narrowing the lanes, installing islands, moving crosswalks back from corners and installing new stoplight crossing buttons. So where exactly do you think scramble crosswalks would make sense? Is there currently a problem in Edina with vehicles hitting pedestrians?