Sj Burton over 4 years ago

Can someone PLEASE research the effects of all the McMansion / rebuilds are having on the city public works.... OUR block - area is having SO MANY WATER pipe - water issues. It seems to co-inside WITH TEAR DOWNS. 1.) What is the long term effect, to the current residents systems & city system as a whole, to have pockets of water/sewer/gas systems TURNED OFF, IN THE WINTER to remove a house? 2.) What damage or result does it cause to the city infrastructures - to have the utilities off - and when they get turned back on - a five bath - 12 drain - McMansion is now connected to an aging system DESIGNED for a much smaller scale home / usage? 3.) WHO PAYS FOR the above EFFECTS? The city, with all the generated tax monies? The builder making the huge profit? The home owner wanting a golf course worthy home - but not the taxes of the lot in which it SHOULD SIT ON. My guess, ME..... and those of us who live here, who once loved & took pride in the cozy, same yet different picturesque neighborhood WE ONCE HAD. The McMansions on each block - stick out, like a sore thumb..... What will happen, if their get to be SO MANY - it casts dreary shadows - that NO ONE wants to live IN OR AROUND THEM.....transforming once sunny, happy child filled street of laughs , memories, bikes & Popsicles - with empty houses & sad shadows. Who will live here then? To sustain & take pride in, what was once, a great secret paradise to raise children.
Perhaps you should be MORE concerned / interested in ASSISTING the aging population (the ones who financed & built this great city) in MAINTAINING & keeping up their properties - INSTEAD OF everyone turning their back & ignoring it - uhhp tear it down - build it huge - HUGE..... Take care of, honor & respect the great, cozy, safe, homey neighborhood feel. YOU CANT BUY THAT or bring it back......once it's lost. Once it's tore down. What will it really cost the city, in 10 years? Or 50? What will the neighborhoods look like then?

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