Noise is a significant stressor and has been implicated in implicated in the development of disorders of the cardiovascular system, sleep, learning, memory, motivation, problem-solving, aggression, and annoyance. It has also been shown to impair immune function. Airport noise is a chronic problem and appears to differ in different parts of Edina. While much has been done to prevent the implementation of RNAV procedures that would spare the northern-most parts of the city from airport noise, little attention seems to have been paid to areas near and south of the Crosstown, where airport noise has become increasingly problematic since the Delta takeover of Northwest. Delta is the world's largest operator of MD80s, which are much more noisy than other (newer) aircraft. How about some input from the entire city in the airport noise discussion?

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David Frenkel over 2 years ago

Delta plans on phasing out its fleet of MD80's by 2020 and probably earlier due to high maintenance costs.