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Parks are attractive to predators, as natural places for kids to play. The bushes here prevent open viewing of this area.

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Earlier this summer, after one of the many times the Bredesen Park walking path flooded, I made a suggestion on "Speak Up Edina" that you examine placing a portable "Path Flooded" sign at the start of the walking path. On this site you told me that this idea would be explored and thanked me for the idea. The sign never showed up, so I contacted the Park & Rec to see if there was any progress. They claimed they knew nothing about the sign idea. It is frustrating to get 3/4 around the path when you are on a time frame and have to turn around and go back. A simple sign that park users could use would be a simple solution. I am dissapointed that I was told the idea would be explored and no one knew about it. I guess if its a bad idea, you should just say that and not give us "lip service" that it would explored. Please consider this simple and inexpensive idea. This will be expecially important as the Seniors from the Waters Complex begin to use the path.

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Bredesen Park is a wonderful park for walkers, runners and bicyclists. However, it floods four or five times a year right around Nine Mile Village and the Crosstown. It can be frustrating if you are on a time line and hit the flooding at the end of your walk, which forces you to turn around and go back and extra 1.5 miles. It would be great if the City could put up a sign alerting people of the flooding, so they can plan accordingly. The flooding tends to last a few days, sometimes longer. Perhaps the city could even leave a sign out that the park users could put up and take down? Thanks for any consideration.

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Idea: Bike Lanes

Cassandra x over 6 years ago

As someone who works in Edina and loves spending time exploring the city, I'd love to see more bike lanes! For example, Cahill Road around the area of 70th to 78th is a really wide road. There would be plenty of space to add a bike lane. It'd be wonderful to have some bike lanes incorporated, as I work in the area. I'd bike to work every day and enjoy the beauty of Edina if I had the opportunity to use more bike lanes.

Thank you for this chance to voice my opinion!!

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