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Idea: Bike Lanes

Cassandra x over 6 years ago

As someone who works in Edina and loves spending time exploring the city, I'd love to see more bike lanes! For example, Cahill Road around the area of 70th to 78th is a really wide road. There would be plenty of space to add a bike lane. It'd be wonderful to have some bike lanes incorporated, as I work in the area. I'd bike to work every day and enjoy the beauty of Edina if I had the opportunity to use more bike lanes.

Thank you for this chance to voice my opinion!!

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I just discovered last night that there is a push to change neighborhood names. One of our neighbors sent an email to the rest of us. I don't like the idea, and don't understand why someone thinks its a good idea to make neighborhoods better by tearing away the identities they've had for decades and foisting a new one upon them--seems downright UNNEIGHBORLY--and so went to the Speak Up Edina web site to express my opinion. Not only did I not previously know that this site and opportunity existed, but when I got there to say my piece, I found that discussion had been closed in October.

What's the point of a forum if the forum is closed? It's like inviting someone to a party, having the party, but then locking the door, so that when some guests arrive late, they can see that there is activity inside but can't come in and eat the cocktail weenies. Very un-neighborly again.

THAT said, I don't want to see our Sunnyslope neighborhood name changed. Why change it? I mean no disrespect to teh group that worked on the project and issued a 204-page report (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but I see no point at all to the exercise. What is gained from a name change. Why does anyone want to make it? Is there a dearth of sign-making and cartographic labeling opportunities? Did they not like our neighborhood entrance Christmas wreaths? Are the folks in Lesser Country Club Neighborhood giving in to their envy of our nice, big, juicy lots? Let Country Club be Country Club. And let us be us. Otherwise, I propose that we re-name Country Club to be "East Sunnyslope Extension." It's one word shorter and will cost less to put on the signs.

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Heather Greene over 6 years ago

I live in the neighborhood East of 54th Street and the Edina Gas Station off of France Ave. We already have a book club and an annual block party. We would like to be considered to be our own neighborhood and not grouped with the streets across Minnehaha Creek since we don't see them on a regular basis. Please consider us be our own neighborhood with the boundaries of 54th Street to the North, France Ave. to the West and Minnehaha creek to separate the neighborhoods with the houses on 55th Street to be the South boarder.

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We are being asked to recycle more and more. That is all good. I now find that I often have more in my recycle bin than my garbage bin. Add to that I am often out of town on my recycle pick up days. As well I see neighbors bins overflowing on pick up day. For me the bi-weekly pick up does not work. Please return to the weekly pickup. Thank you.

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Light Rail transportation has many benefits from bringing in new revenue, lowering our environmental footprint, and making our community more accessible to all residents. Modernize Edina's transportation system by adding an Edina Light Rail stop.

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-Utilize area for increased business capacity helping to offset property tax burdens on Edina Homeowners

-Design a Park and Ride facility that will fit design wise and eliminate parkings issues in the Grandview District

-Utilize design for attractive garden park & cultural space

-Bring limited passenger rail to the Dan Patch corridor, attracting business to the development and linking Edina to the greater MNDOT intercity passenger rail plan.

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Mike x over 6 years ago

I am a big fan of roundabouts for more fluid traffic management, and I think Edina did a great job introducing them on 70th. I am curious, however, why the city has put extensive landscaping in the center of the roundabouts on 70th, impeding a driver's ability to make a visual assessment of incoming traffic? Nearly all small roundabouts I've seen throughout Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have open space for clear visual contact across the whole roundabout. Granted, some roundabouts have statues, monuments, etc., but these tend to be in much larger circles. I am sure the city has an explanation, perhaps they could share it on this site. I am certain they would never compromise safety for aesthetics. What was the guiding principle with not just the prairie flora, but also building several of the circles up as mounds?

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Use our vertical space more effectively. Would make Edina a greener place.


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David Frenkel about 6 years ago

I live next to a residental property that was a trear down and a new house is being built.  I am a little annoyed at how little respect the contractor has for the neighboring community and how little oversight the city does to the property.  There have been ongoing violations of city code as well as federal OSHA safety standards.  The city needs to have developers have a site review that describes where construction equipment and materials will be delivered to a construction site. Currently the developer uses the street as an illegal staging area for equipment and ,materials.  The current construction regulations appear not to differentiate between commercial and residental construction which should be updated.  With over 85 new houses being built in Edina this year Edina needs to be more aggressive about monitoring new development code violations

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I am an Edina resident that has received many emails over the last 48 hours regarding your wonderful work on this disturbing proposal. I am very concerned and do not understand how you were able to become so informed while Jim Hovland our newly re-elected mayor whom has been in office for the last 12 years, was completely unaware of these proceedings.

Mass emails are flying between Edina resident's to try and inform fellow neighbor's. Where is Jim and the rest our city council on this? It did not seem as though Jim was at the meeting yesterday with the NOC, only the city manager. Is this in fact true?

You have done a wonderful job informing your fellow citizens of this potentially disastrous imminent decision. I am VERY concerned, and completely flabbergasted that our city leaders were unaware of these proceedings while all the other cities had representation.

I believe that inaddtion to a grass roots effort to try and stop this, we need to hold our elected officials responsible. How could they not know, when somehow you were able to become informed? Where are they in informing us and gathering interest in what is happening?

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