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I am an Edina resident that has received many emails over the last 48 hours regarding your wonderful work on this disturbing proposal. I am very concerned and do not understand how you were able to become so informed while Jim Hovland our newly re-elected mayor whom has been in office for the last 12 years, was completely unaware of these proceedings.

Mass emails are flying between Edina resident's to try and inform fellow neighbor's. Where is Jim and the rest our city council on this? It did not seem as though Jim was at the meeting yesterday with the NOC, only the city manager. Is this in fact true?

You have done a wonderful job informing your fellow citizens of this potentially disastrous imminent decision. I am VERY concerned, and completely flabbergasted that our city leaders were unaware of these proceedings while all the other cities had representation.

I believe that inaddtion to a grass roots effort to try and stop this, we need to hold our elected officials responsible. How could they not know, when somehow you were able to become informed? Where are they in informing us and gathering interest in what is happening?

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Edina is replacing water meters in the city with pulsing microwave emitting EMF water meters. Studies have shown this to be detrimental to our health and potentially cancer causing. Why would the city of Edina replace these meters without thouroughly researching them first and protect the residents of the city?

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Tim S almost 6 years ago

I'm happy to see the City of Edina is progressive with its use of social media. Many communities don't know what to do with it, but the City is forward-thinking by using it. Many of Edina's residence may not fit into the demographic of using social media, but there are many who do and use it on a regular basis. This also sets us apart and other communities can look towards ours as an example of how to use social media to engage its residence and sharing information on a whole new level.

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-Utilize area for increased business capacity helping to offset property tax burdens on Edina Homeowners

-Design a Park and Ride facility that will fit design wise and eliminate parkings issues in the Grandview District

-Utilize design for attractive garden park & cultural space

-Bring limited passenger rail to the Dan Patch corridor, attracting business to the development and linking Edina to the greater MNDOT intercity passenger rail plan.

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Dogs and 50th and France

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Heather Greene about 6 years ago

I live in the neighborhood East of 54th Street and the Edina Gas Station off of France Ave. We already have a book club and an annual block party. We would like to be considered to be our own neighborhood and not grouped with the streets across Minnehaha Creek since we don't see them on a regular basis. Please consider us be our own neighborhood with the boundaries of 54th Street to the North, France Ave. to the West and Minnehaha creek to separate the neighborhoods with the houses on 55th Street to be the South boarder.

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As we implement the neighborhood plans, I would love to see this issue addressed by perhaps a change in the traffic pattern at this intersection as one approaches 70th St, or turns off from 70th street to enter the neighborhood. At present this is an accident waiting to happen; an almost 'blind' yield for Limerick for traffic coming down the hill on Hillside. Further, cars coming off 70th and needing to crossover to get to one or the other lane. It is hard to explain, but anyone who uses this daily will know what I mean. 

I think we may want to block traffic access on Hillside between Brook Dr. and the intersection, except allowing for access to/from 70th for the two houses at the end of Hillside. Other traffic can all be diverted so that Limerick is the only street being used to/from 70th street.

This will also address the potential danger on the other end of Hillside, at Brook Dr., again a danger of cars coming down two adjacent descents.

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Restriping was done of the lanes on France Ave just north of Hwy 62 last summer.  I believe I read in some City Council minutes that though this is a county road, the city had some juristiction over deciding on the lane striping after the road improvements were completed.  The decision to go down to only one driving lane between 62nd street and Crosstown has developed some possibly unintended traffic issues.  Making turns into our out of 62nd street have become more dangerous.  With one steady line of traffic, instead of some alternating traffic in two lanes, it takes a long time for a gap to form.  This make some drivers anxious and they end up turning in front of people.  The backup from the stoplight going north on France as you reach the Crosstown interchange is also considerable and sometimes backs up past 62nd street blocking the intersection.  Construction of the interchange ramps and bridge on Crosstown this summer made things even more difficult.

Could the city review this and consider putting it back to two full lanes at least from the interchange to past 62nd street or even to 58th street where a significant amount of traffic is?

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Google hangout is a collaboration tool which allows people to do more than just video chat. It is a platform to share ideas, documents and collaborate. Please consider it.

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When driving north on France Ave., passing the West Elm development where Pinstripes is located, it seemed that the Potbelly restaurant has a safety hazard unique to its establishment. All the stores that border France Ave., have the back of the establishment facing the street, except for Potbelly. That restaurant has their dining area right against windows that face France, with tables right on the windows. The hazard is that those stores are below a significant embankment without any protective crash barrier. For most of the stores, any vehicle that loses control and jumps the curb (such as when driving on ice) the car plunges down the embankment but hits the reinforced wall of establishment below. Not so with Potbelly. In that circumstance the vehicle goes down the embankment, into the glass with diners right against the window. My recommendation is that Edina evaluate this fluke hazard and perhaps install a protective barrier at the top of the embankment by Potbelly, designed to divert an impact away from diners. Yes, it would be a 1 in 100 scenario, but one I think that could be easily mitigated. Thank you.   

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