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When driving north on France Ave., passing the West Elm development where Pinstripes is located, it seemed that the Potbelly restaurant has a safety hazard unique to its establishment. All the stores that border France Ave., have the back of the establishment facing the street, except for Potbelly. That restaurant has their dining area right against windows that face France, with tables right on the windows. The hazard is that those stores are below a significant embankment without any protective crash barrier. For most of the stores, any vehicle that loses control and jumps the curb (such as when driving on ice) the car plunges down the embankment but hits the reinforced wall of establishment below. Not so with Potbelly. In that circumstance the vehicle goes down the embankment, into the glass with diners right against the window. My recommendation is that Edina evaluate this fluke hazard and perhaps install a protective barrier at the top of the embankment by Potbelly, designed to divert an impact away from diners. Yes, it would be a 1 in 100 scenario, but one I think that could be easily mitigated. Thank you.   

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Mike x over 6 years ago

I am a big fan of roundabouts for more fluid traffic management, and I think Edina did a great job introducing them on 70th. I am curious, however, why the city has put extensive landscaping in the center of the roundabouts on 70th, impeding a driver's ability to make a visual assessment of incoming traffic? Nearly all small roundabouts I've seen throughout Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have open space for clear visual contact across the whole roundabout. Granted, some roundabouts have statues, monuments, etc., but these tend to be in much larger circles. I am sure the city has an explanation, perhaps they could share it on this site. I am certain they would never compromise safety for aesthetics. What was the guiding principle with not just the prairie flora, but also building several of the circles up as mounds?

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Idea: Bike Lanes

Cassandra x over 6 years ago

As someone who works in Edina and loves spending time exploring the city, I'd love to see more bike lanes! For example, Cahill Road around the area of 70th to 78th is a really wide road. There would be plenty of space to add a bike lane. It'd be wonderful to have some bike lanes incorporated, as I work in the area. I'd bike to work every day and enjoy the beauty of Edina if I had the opportunity to use more bike lanes.

Thank you for this chance to voice my opinion!!

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Idea: Melody Lake

Vicky x over 6 years ago

Some how the City of Edina keeps draining Melody Lake either due to mechanical error, human error (left pump running all weekend) and now from street repairs.

Melody Lake is dry for about a block long...killing fish and other water creatures! 

I guess they are not concerned about the fish they just killed! 


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Tom LaForce over 6 years ago

Let's plant something green in those large medians on York near Target and Wendy's. Imagine some nice trees throwing a little shade. Maybe something that blooms in the spring. It's an empty canvas just waiting for something beautiful.

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