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Curbside Organic recycling for all residents. Similar to Loretto, Maple Plain, Medicine Lake, Medina, St. Bonifacius, St. Louis Park, and Wayzata, and Minneapolis. Backyard composting is great but not many do this, upkeep can be difficult, and you're limited on what you can compost.

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Carol x over 2 years ago

Please, please, PLEASE do something to manage the taking down of old growth trees for development. We are not only losing trees to dutch elm, but many types of trees that were planted 50+ years ago have lifespans of 50+ years so we are also losing trees due to age. At least have a canopy requirement for replacement plantings. The vast majority of plantings after tear downs are ornamentals….the look and feel of our city will quite different with the beautiful old growth trees being replaced by ornamentals!

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Next Century Cities is an organization for cities seeking to provide 1 gigabit municipal broadband. Is this something Edina is able to do? Would there be community support for it? Can Edina provide a service that scales with available technology faster than monopolistic industry can?

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I am curious if I did a solar seminar if anyone in Edina would have any interest, I usually discuss rooftop solar, community solar options, and the global impact of our current energy mix vs. clean energy?

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There is some space available next to the sand pit where a little house could go. I was at a playground recently with a playhouse and the kids loved it! I think it would make a good addition to the Pamela park playground. It could be a huge hit with the younger kids. It's very safe and can be built to last forever with the same type of materials as the rest of the playground.

Alternatively possibly some permanent sand toys in the pit could be fun.

There is already a pond nearby so a wetland area (some cattails and grasses etc) would fit in nicely. Alternatively could make it into a rain garden. I am a big fan of the work that has gone into Pamela Park! Love the path and hope it connects in a loop soon. Also the soccer fields that will not flood are brilliant, though I do see a lot of soccer balls end up in the small pond that has been created and the pond is drying up and is mud now and a bit stinky. This problem would be solved with a wetland or rain garden.

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Katie Iwanin almost 3 years ago

Light Rail transportation has many benefits from bringing in new revenue, lowering our environmental footprint, and making our community more accessible to all residents. Modernize Edina's transportation system by adding an Edina Light Rail stop.

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I think we hold out, till bus station is available for a connected project, and Edina gets the chance to create a unified idea.

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May Bike Safety Month - the safety of bikes.

Please switch the title and the description, as what I wrote ended up in the title due to a glitch in your system. I don't want to retype a long idea and see no way to copy paste the switch myself.

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When the new Edina Vision is approved, the tagline should agree with it.

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