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Recently completed highway improvements have increased the amount cars that use169. creating longer "rush hour" times with increased noise disturbance. All of which effect the residents in the neighborhood east of the highway.

Neighborhood home values are sustainal enough and deserve the physical appearance fencing would be provide. Also help the sale of homes.

It would reduce the litter that blows over from the highway to the frontage road.

Decrease roadkill.

Provide a safer separationbetween highway and residential areas that are filled with Families with children.

This area is a wonderful neighborhood that sometimes may be forgotten, being that it is located close to city lines.

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Jenny Johnson almost 3 years ago

Dear City Council Members, It seems that everywhere I go, people are up in arms about you. They are irate that you instructed the Grandview planners to create 90% (100%?) private plans for the publicly-owned Grandview space. Then you hide behind the planners as if they are the ones who won't listen to the public. It seems you don't listen to people at all anymore. Since many residents didn't support the "sidewalk issue," you think this gives you a license to pull-out of anything and everything. Yet, even though some folks didn't want sidewalks, there are many other issues we all wish you would wake up and engage in. Republicans, democrats, and everyone in between has had enough of this. We may not want our money to go to Washington, but we don't mind paying for local improvements we will all benefit from. We can't wait to vote in the next election, and say our final farewell.

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Edina needs it's own indoor tennis and pickleball facility. Pickleball= fastest growing sport for seniors. Tennis = sport for all ages; Edina State Champions , record setting champions; give them a facility!!!! The Grandview spot is the perfect location to add a bubble in the bubble!

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Move the Edina Arts Center to this location. Create classrooms, gallery space, conference space, and high light the arts in Edina. The current space is too small, in an inconvenient place, and not up to par for Edina. Let's highlight our vast pool of creative individuals.

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In regards to most Edina Police, I have seen most of them to be irrational to Edina's own citizens.

This has now gone on for more than a decade.

The Edina Police need to hold themselves accountable for their unlawful actions and unfair treatment.

As stated before by many - The Edina Police is an overly funded department.

We could easily cut it in half by eliminating certain roles and automating them, why are we spending money for the police to have lunch and leave their cars running? This is not only a waste of gas but it pollutes our environment.

The court appearances that are made for lost cases, the miles, the time, etc. This could be a huge tax reduction to all Edina tax payers.

When is the last time an Edina police officer did something nice for you to give back to our community? Besides the events they are forced and paid to attend.

A multipurpose development Including a formal "park and ride". option to promote public transportation during the work week while allowing other functions at night and on the weekends.

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I would like this space [Grandview] to be a homeless shelter because then every one that dose not have a home can have a home.

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I would like the site to become 'green space' I.e develop some nice walking, play spaces but also include vertical gardens for example. Why not have a community garden? And use it to start getting to know our neighbors better! I would like Edina to become a leader in integrating green space designs into its urban development. Look at what San Fran has done http://inhabitat.com/highlink-green-promenade-is-a-new-urban-gate-for-the-city-of-san-francisco/

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Bette Anderson almost 3 years ago

Sell the land and bring in some revenue to offset the exorbitant state and local taxes we're paying! People are being taxed right out of their homes in Edina - just like me!

Idea: Rent a goat

Joel Stegner, Community volunteer about 3 years ago

Edina has a major buckthorn problem in its parks and private property. Removing buckthorn is an arduous task that requires a lot of community volunteer effort and is seemingly never ending.

Herds of goats are used as a natural solution to the problem of invasive plants. Apparently, if fenced into a piece of land, they are natural weed removers and reputedly like the taste of buckthorn. Here is a story about Minnesota DNR using goats in this way.


And here is a story about goats helping themselves to another issue - what to do with Christmas trees after the holidays:


While the city should choose to buy its own goat herd, it might be more palatable to see if we can find someone who would be willing to sell this service to the city.

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