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I would like this space [Grandview] to be a homeless shelter because then every one that dose not have a home can have a home.

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I would like the site to become 'green space' I.e develop some nice walking, play spaces but also include vertical gardens for example. Why not have a community garden? And use it to start getting to know our neighbors better! I would like Edina to become a leader in integrating green space designs into its urban development. Look at what San Fran has done http://inhabitat.com/highlink-green-promenade-is-a-new-urban-gate-for-the-city-of-san-francisco/

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Bette Anderson over 3 years ago

Sell the land and bring in some revenue to offset the exorbitant state and local taxes we're paying! People are being taxed right out of their homes in Edina - just like me!

Idea: Rent a goat

Joel Stegner, Community volunteer over 3 years ago

Edina has a major buckthorn problem in its parks and private property. Removing buckthorn is an arduous task that requires a lot of community volunteer effort and is seemingly never ending.

Herds of goats are used as a natural solution to the problem of invasive plants. Apparently, if fenced into a piece of land, they are natural weed removers and reputedly like the taste of buckthorn. Here is a story about Minnesota DNR using goats in this way.


And here is a story about goats helping themselves to another issue - what to do with Christmas trees after the holidays:


While the city should choose to buy its own goat herd, it might be more palatable to see if we can find someone who would be willing to sell this service to the city.

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Edina's streets have probably never been caught up in repair and maintenance.

Our streets outta be the best along with our schools. It is infrastructure and funds well spent . City could Issue Bonds at todays 1%-2% tax exempt interest rates and CATCH UP .

Instead of charging residents appx Half; perhaps charge residents appx 1/4 of cost as overall great streets would be an asset to the City and get us on level with Chanhassen.

The Transportation commission should address and spearhead this. How about a report to the residents on all the streets in disrepair and the $$ to fix and the timeline with/without a Bond .

In any street Bond please do not include in the School Bond as they are not the same and residents deserve to vote separately. on items over $20 million.

Sidebar: We may now have the most experienced and capable City Council and Mayor in history :)

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Groom a creek for skating commuters, dog walkers, stroller pushers, hockey players and general dawdlers. For an example, see Winnipeg's Assiniboine River 4 mile skating trail. Is it a good fit for our community? Will it promote a healthy lifestyle for young and old?

(This would give those young hockey players and figure skaters more ice time!)

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Higher density would be a good thing in this area because it would enable some more affordable housing options, especially for older adults who want to downsize their homes without leaving the Edina community. It's also close to downtown and public transportation and could offer commercial services like restaurants, a coffee shop--local community and neighborhood gathering places.

Some streets (e.g. Crocker Ave.) have more driveways on one side of the street than the other. The typical plow pattern here is first South to North, then North to South. Because the plow covers 2/3 of the road, the first pass pushes 2/3 of the snow to the right. This pattern covers more driveways with more snow and inconveniences more residents than the switching the sequence would. Stolen idea from my neighbor Lyle.

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The City government should do less, tax less, and spend less.

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Bette Anderson almost 4 years ago

My home value was reassessed upwards of $100,000. Plus I will have to incur the added expense of the road improvement project in front of my home which I could not pay outright ($7,000) so it will be added on to my property taxes as well ($619/yr). My property tax bill is estimated to rise from $3,894.798 to $5,191.36, PLUS the extra $619 for the road project, for a whopping total of $5,810.36 per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in the Lake Edina/Cornelia neighborhood, not in Indian Hills. I feel that an increase such as this will do nothing but drive residents to sell (many have baled out of this neighborhood already) and also will discourage potential buyers from purchasing in Edina. If people really don't mind paying that much in property taxes they would be smarter to go to Lake Minnetonka, Orono, etc., where they would actually have a gorgeous house to warrant the monstrous property taxes!!! I have written a letter to Edina City Council to express my anger and dismay. I asked who suddenly decided to reassess the values so much higher and why. It seems there is NO end to new construction and resultant tax income, not to mention the scores of businesses up and down France Avenue alone! Shouldn’t all that revenue be stabilizing/reducing property taxes? I requested a breakdown of how our taxes are being spent in Edina. Also, have they jacked up the business taxes as well, or maybe they're issuing them reductions while sticking it to the residents. Edina is the only city in the metropolitan area that I know of where the residents have to foot the entire bill for improvements such as road construction themselves. I have lived in Edina for 37 years. It USED to be a very well managed city where tax dollars were spent RESPONSIBLY! Now it seems there is no end to money grabbing and endless unneccesary/unwanted expenditures. I plan to go to the 12/2/14 meeting at Edina City Council Chambers at 7:00 a.m., 4801 West 50th Street, Edina. I'm hoping that a large number of disgruntled residents will show up to express their disapproval.

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