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With the demand of faster internet speeds ever increasing, it would be beneficial for Edina to facilitate the built-out of fiber-optic cables to residential properties by either allowing access to the overhead poles or underground conduit to an ISP - such as US Internet (http://fiber.usinternet.com) who has fiber deployed to residential properties on the south-east corner of 50th and France and other locations around southern Minneapolis.

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Bring a Patisserie 46 style bakery/coffee shop to Wooddale and Valley View Edina - quality food for the neighborhood: http://patisserie46.com/ That strip mall is almost all empty and could use use a good quality restaurant/coffee shop in neighborhood. Patisserie 46 is always packed on the weekends and brings a lot to the Neighborhood. How would one work with the manager of that strip mall to make that happen?

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Preserve a dog park on north east corner of Weber Park if land is sold by Minneapolis. Or even better keep it as is, a truly unique "lost urban woods", however being fenced and requiring a permit.

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I live a mile from 62 and we hear planes all evening long every evening (to the point where you have to stop your conversation and wait until it passes). Last year it was not really noticeable but this year it's terrible. Can we work on spreading the planes out to be more fair?

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The Concord / St. Johns Park neighborhood would really love to see St. Johns Park utilized a little better. Small neighborhood parks add so much and get people in the neighborhood together. Most talked about for St. Johns Park, however, is the wish for a simple ice rink in the winter. The park and rec park "amenities" grid actually shows that St. Johns Park DOES have an ice rink, but alas, it does not. :-( It would be so loved by our neighborhood!

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Soooooo much building-- BIG houses, lots for 2 houses being divided for 3 new builds, all of the apartment/condo builds by Southdale Mall-- in SD mall parking lot--there are 3!!, Byerly's by SD mall has condos going in, and the proposed Borofsky's Furniture site by McD's by the SD mall to have 242 apartments and also retail stores.

TOO MUCH BUILDING. Traffic is already lots worse than it had been. Tried shooping in that area? Long waits for parking spots.

Add work being done: $12K per household to build a new road in front of your house? $12,000. Wow, $1M (million) new parks?

Did you know realtors encourage sellers to sell non-MLS so developers and custom-build clients learn about properties for sale ahead of the average buyer. Apparently the average person who wants a nice house, a safe neighborhood and safe schools is no longer wanted or welcome in Edina.

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Marlys Grantwit over 2 years ago

As a 34 year condo owner, I hope that Edina remains a city of residential culture. By this I mean that residents are the central focus of the city. While rental units may be important, the residents should be long term people with younger people in the families with education being highly important and returning to Edina after college. Bikes, walking and public transportation will be important.

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Joel Stegner, Community volunteer over 2 years ago

I have heard that as the space needs of the Edina School District have grown, that it is likely that they will reclaim all the space in the old Edina East HS site. Should that happen, what will Edina do for a community center? The City should be in discussion with the schools to find out if this rumor is true. If not, then perhaps the city can make a long-term deal with the schools for that space and then making improvements on the facilities, which appears to be quite dated. If not, the city should consider whether to build a new community center and where to put it. It is a good time to consider this, because the city is now working on planning for major projects at Grandview, Fred Richards/Pentagon Park and Braemar that will tie up a lot of available building space. These sights are built up and a community center replacement is needed, where else might it go? The city is working on a long-term vision starting next week - so this is a very timely topic.

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...so airplanes taking off from MSP can't fly over our normally quiet town.

As I write this, I'm listening to one after another after another jet wail overhead on what otherwise would have been one of the nicest evenings we've had in the past few weeks. Low humidity, cooler temperatures. And noise.

If we build a 3,000-foot-tall tower, those airplanes would need to fly elsewhere. Problem solved.

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There is always a point when homeowners look at their homes and wonder if it is time to remodel. Just like everything else in life, homes need to be spruced up every once in a while in order to look nice. Sometimes it is only a bathroom or a basement that needs a little extra tender love and care, and other times the whole house needs a make over. No matter the project, money is always a factor. U.S. News suggests that homeowners be careful when making the decision to remodel. Even if the home owners are not planning on moving, they should still determine whether or not the project will add value to their home. Depending on the conditions of the home, a remodel could possible lower the value, so if homeowners are looking to remodel they should remodel the areas necessary to increase the value. Interestingly enough, sometimes it is the smallest upgrades that can substantially raise the value of a home such as a new front door or adding knobs to kitchen cabinets. The cost for upgrades like these is quite a bit less than tearing down walls and adding rooms to the home. Many homeowners do not even consider the small upgrades before the big ones, though.

Tips for increasing value Homeowners should always look at the oldest, most worn out features of the home first when considering a remodeling project. Updating old or worn out features such as doors and windows will easily increase the value of a home, not to mention save the homeowners’ money by making the home energy efficient. Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms will always increase the value of a home, but the remodel does not have to cost a fortune. Simple upgrades such as staining the cabinets, replacing the counter tops, and adding knobs can be enough to substantially increase the value as well as give an upgraded feel to the home. Most people believe that remodeling projects cost thousands of dollars, therefore they should not remodel because the value of their house is not worth putting that much money into a remodel. The truth is there are several ways homeowners can update their homes without forking out thousands of dollars. It is suggested that homeowners plan on spending no more than 25 percent of their home’s value for bigger remodeling project like a new kitchen. Homeowners should also consider the style of the home before they remodel. A modern kitchen will not fit with a Tudor style home, and mixing styles will often lower the value of the home. Many people think that if they add square footage to their homes that it will increase the value, but actually it can substantially decrease the value. Homeowners are better off converting an attic into a bedroom or finishing the basement in order to add value. Remodeling and upgrading a home takes a lot of effort, and if done right, can increase the home’s value.

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