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In regards to most Edina Police, I have seen most of them to be irrational to Edina's own citizens.

This has now gone on for more than a decade.

The Edina Police need to hold themselves accountable for their unlawful actions and unfair treatment.

As stated before by many - The Edina Police is an overly funded department.

We could easily cut it in half by eliminating certain roles and automating them, why are we spending money for the police to have lunch and leave their cars running? This is not only a waste of gas but it pollutes our environment.

The court appearances that are made for lost cases, the miles, the time, etc. This could be a huge tax reduction to all Edina tax payers.

When is the last time an Edina police officer did something nice for you to give back to our community? Besides the events they are forced and paid to attend.

The City government should do less, tax less, and spend less.

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The Edina businesses can validate the parking and the Minneapolis businesses would not be able to validate parking in Edina. This would even the playing field and it would also provide the City of Edina with additional revenue if people park without validation.

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