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Part of our lawn was seeded last summer and because of poor results the City contractor came back to reseed again. We have still ended up with a lot of weeds. I would recommend that sod be used in the future.

When informing to residents regarding road construction, it will be helpful to include a map. Write-ups are usually not clear. For new residents, write-ups are very confusing. It should not be too difficult to include a map to clarify.

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Jane Du almost 2 years ago

Is there a schedule of pothole repairs? And could someone please post? Living in a teardown area (Drew) and our street is full of deep potholes.

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Curbside Organic recycling for all residents. Similar to Loretto, Maple Plain, Medicine Lake, Medina, St. Bonifacius, St. Louis Park, and Wayzata, and Minneapolis. Backyard composting is great but not many do this, upkeep can be difficult, and you're limited on what you can compost.

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Joel Stegner, Community volunteer over 4 years ago

I have heard that as the space needs of the Edina School District have grown, that it is likely that they will reclaim all the space in the old Edina East HS site. Should that happen, what will Edina do for a community center? The City should be in discussion with the schools to find out if this rumor is true. If not, then perhaps the city can make a long-term deal with the schools for that space and then making improvements on the facilities, which appears to be quite dated. If not, the city should consider whether to build a new community center and where to put it. It is a good time to consider this, because the city is now working on planning for major projects at Grandview, Fred Richards/Pentagon Park and Braemar that will tie up a lot of available building space. These sights are built up and a community center replacement is needed, where else might it go? The city is working on a long-term vision starting next week - so this is a very timely topic.

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It is quite a drive to find a yard waste site for Hennepin County residents. Some cities, Like Hopkins and Minnetonka, have yard waste drop off locations for their residents and it makes it very convenient to keep one's yard free of waste. Why doesn't Edina offer this convenience or at least contract out with a close by drop off location?

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We are being asked to recycle more and more. That is all good. I now find that I often have more in my recycle bin than my garbage bin. Add to that I am often out of town on my recycle pick up days. As well I see neighbors bins overflowing on pick up day. For me the bi-weekly pick up does not work. Please return to the weekly pickup. Thank you.

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I used to live in Minneapolis and the biggest difference I noticed was it is very hard to throw things away here if you are at a park or school, especially if you are walking your dog. I've noticed a lot more dog droppings in Edina vs Minneapolis and I suspect it is due to less garbages. Particularly at st johns park which has nothing, Pamela which are few are far between (and overfilling) and conchord elementary's park which one would have to walk all the way up to the school to use.


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Tia Smythe over 5 years ago

I’d like to see some accountability from the city regarding water main and sewer breaks under Wooddale between 59th and 60th streets. This morning a group of city workers began digging through the street in front of my neighbor’s house (after unloading and running heavy, loud machinery at 6:30am), presumably to fix a leak that has been causing the neighbor’s sump pump to run every 2 or 3 minutes for the last week or so. This is the 4th (!) leak on our block of 12 houses over the last 3 years. One of those repairs was made in front of our house 2 or 3 years ago. Water and sewage were flowing into our basement from broken sewer and water lines under Wooddale for 12 hours (no exaggeration) before the city admitted it was broken water and sewer lines under the street causing the damage. It was even longer until they shut down the water to make the repairs, during which time 900 gallons of water and sewage were pumped out of our basement. Here’s the kicker: the city denied any responsibility, though the breaks were on city property, not ours, and not caused by any neglect or wrongdoing on our part. We received a form letter saying that it was not the city’s responsibility because, as long as they are checking each year that the pipe work is in reasonable condition, there should not be any problems, thus the city is not responsible. Translation: it shouldn’t have happened, so the city is not responsible. What?! We were lucky that our insurance covered the first $15,000 worth of damage, but State Farm made it clear that they would not extend any coverage if it happened again. Now our neighbor is experiencing something similar for the 4th time amongst the 12 houses on our block. We received no reply from the letter that we wrote to Mayor Hovland asking for an explanation for the city’s actions, or lack thereof. I can only assume my neighbor will be neglected in the same way. How many of the remaining 8 houses have to experience the same thing before the city admits culpability? How many residents of Edina have experienced the same thing?

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Idea: Trash hauler

Judith Felker about 6 years ago

I'd recommend the city of Edina's hiring a trash hauler so we don't have multiple trucks coming through our neighborhoods.  One hauler would mean less wear and tear on the streets, less noise pollution, and less air pollution.  It would also mean less fuel spent.  Please do a survey of neighborhoods regarding the advantages of this proposal, and then bring it to the council for a vote.

Thank you

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