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Joel Stegner, Community volunteer about 3 years ago

Boston and other cities and towns in Massachusetts, New York City and the state of Hawaii (reported in today's Star Tribune - http://www.startribune.com/boston-hikes-age-for-buying-cigarettes-to-21/362864891/) have approved a new approach to discourage youth smoking, by moving the age from 18-21. While only the state can enact a ban on consumption, we can get the ball rolling by passing an ordinance that bans sales of tobacco products to those under the age of 21. Tobacco use has no beneficial effects and and tobacco is a gateway to use of illegal drugs and binge drinking, with their additional health and legal consequences. By making this change, it suggests that alcohol and tobacco are adult products which young people should not be experimenting wth and getting addicted to. Someday, if and when recreational marijuana is legalized, then there will be no question that the age limit should also be age 21. Obviously, those businesses what make significant income by selling tobacco products to those between 18-20 may not like this idea, but the city could respond by creating a lower license fee for stores that voluntarily don't sell to those under the age of 21, until the time when it is passed into city ordinance. As we are part of a health alliance with Richfield and Bloomington, perhaps their city council could be encouraged to take a similar action. If three cities neighboring cities were to do so, it would encourage others to do the same. This kind of proactive policy is exactly what forward thinking cities do.

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Noise is a significant stressor and has been implicated in implicated in the development of disorders of the cardiovascular system, sleep, learning, memory, motivation, problem-solving, aggression, and annoyance. It has also been shown to impair immune function. Airport noise is a chronic problem and appears to differ in different parts of Edina. While much has been done to prevent the implementation of RNAV procedures that would spare the northern-most parts of the city from airport noise, little attention seems to have been paid to areas near and south of the Crosstown, where airport noise has become increasingly problematic since the Delta takeover of Northwest. Delta is the world's largest operator of MD80s, which are much more noisy than other (newer) aircraft. How about some input from the entire city in the airport noise discussion?

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...so airplanes taking off from MSP can't fly over our normally quiet town.

As I write this, I'm listening to one after another after another jet wail overhead on what otherwise would have been one of the nicest evenings we've had in the past few weeks. Low humidity, cooler temperatures. And noise.

If we build a 3,000-foot-tall tower, those airplanes would need to fly elsewhere. Problem solved.

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Sj Burton over 4 years ago

WHY do residents - police - city all IGNORE the ANIMAL LEASH LAW. Why is it ok to use city / school parks as a dog parks & restroom. I have video, photos &documentation of these violations ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. Even during school hours! Why is this ok? When did the domesticated animal get equal opportunity & more consideration - ? We do not like other peoples animals running free in front of us. We are tired of stepping around & smelling dog poop - every walk to school & every walk home. WE HAVE A LEASH LAW. I guess it's honor system....or is it only for those of us without dogs?

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