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Submitted by resident Joel Stegner:

This week there is a public hearing about passenger rail. A public hearing is at best going to only attract 1% of Edina resident (500 is 1% of 50,000) and the focus will always be Not in My Back Yard opposition. In other the words the people who live close to the line who don't want it developed will show up at the meeting. Others like me who are more positive but not angry won't show up and won't be heard. I believe this is the reason the earlier attempt to do this was blocked and that no consideration given to bring the SW Light Rail through Edina.

These public meetings are always at night and during the week, times when young adults and families are busy. So the tiny sample is skewed toward empty nesters and seniors, who are less open to do new things.

Frankly, a big topic like this deserves to be in the Quality of Life survey, or covered by a well designed survey, but lacking that the city should always give residents two clear options - encourage them to write a letter to the Council and have it as a topic on Speak Out Edina.

If you only provide a convenient forum to those who have an ax to grind, you will continue to run the city not based on broad public opinion, but the loudest, angriest voices.

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Carol x about 2 years ago

Please, please, PLEASE do something to manage the taking down of old growth trees for development. We are not only losing trees to dutch elm, but many types of trees that were planted 50+ years ago have lifespans of 50+ years so we are also losing trees due to age. At least have a canopy requirement for replacement plantings. The vast majority of plantings after tear downs are ornamentals….the look and feel of our city will quite different with the beautiful old growth trees being replaced by ornamentals!

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I am curious if I did a solar seminar if anyone in Edina would have any interest, I usually discuss rooftop solar, community solar options, and the global impact of our current energy mix vs. clean energy?

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When the new Edina Vision is approved, the tagline should agree with it.

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Move the Edina Arts Center to this location. Create classrooms, gallery space, conference space, and high light the arts in Edina. The current space is too small, in an inconvenient place, and not up to par for Edina. Let's highlight our vast pool of creative individuals.

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Bette Anderson almost 3 years ago

My home value was reassessed upwards of $100,000. Plus I will have to incur the added expense of the road improvement project in front of my home which I could not pay outright ($7,000) so it will be added on to my property taxes as well ($619/yr). My property tax bill is estimated to rise from $3,894.798 to $5,191.36, PLUS the extra $619 for the road project, for a whopping total of $5,810.36 per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in the Lake Edina/Cornelia neighborhood, not in Indian Hills. I feel that an increase such as this will do nothing but drive residents to sell (many have baled out of this neighborhood already) and also will discourage potential buyers from purchasing in Edina. If people really don't mind paying that much in property taxes they would be smarter to go to Lake Minnetonka, Orono, etc., where they would actually have a gorgeous house to warrant the monstrous property taxes!!! I have written a letter to Edina City Council to express my anger and dismay. I asked who suddenly decided to reassess the values so much higher and why. It seems there is NO end to new construction and resultant tax income, not to mention the scores of businesses up and down France Avenue alone! Shouldn’t all that revenue be stabilizing/reducing property taxes? I requested a breakdown of how our taxes are being spent in Edina. Also, have they jacked up the business taxes as well, or maybe they're issuing them reductions while sticking it to the residents. Edina is the only city in the metropolitan area that I know of where the residents have to foot the entire bill for improvements such as road construction themselves. I have lived in Edina for 37 years. It USED to be a very well managed city where tax dollars were spent RESPONSIBLY! Now it seems there is no end to money grabbing and endless unneccesary/unwanted expenditures. I plan to go to the 12/2/14 meeting at Edina City Council Chambers at 7:00 a.m., 4801 West 50th Street, Edina. I'm hoping that a large number of disgruntled residents will show up to express their disapproval.

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With the demand of faster internet speeds ever increasing, it would be beneficial for Edina to facilitate the built-out of fiber-optic cables to residential properties by either allowing access to the overhead poles or underground conduit to an ISP - such as US Internet (http://fiber.usinternet.com) who has fiber deployed to residential properties on the south-east corner of 50th and France and other locations around southern Minneapolis.

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This is not a user friendly site.

Why doesn't the City publicize the current donated sculptures? They should be featured on the CH 16 web site and the City web site as background similar to the Bridge Spoon and Cherry at the Walker.

There should be some public signage at the main entrance to Centennial Lakes Park re the Pinecone sculpture. Many do not know it exists. Another gem is the stained glass window at City Hall. Why is it not publicized?

Re Spending: Raising the loan stipend to artist to $1,000 will bring in more quality art. $500 barely compensated for the expense of installation.

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Eleanor Carlson over 3 years ago

All gardens need honey bees to spread pollen to make the fruits or veggies grow. Bee deaths are increasing because of the amount of chemicals and pesticides that are being used. These pesticides need to be limited in order to protect the bees.

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Jennifer Janovy about 4 years ago

Every day, it seems like more people are riding bikes in Edina. As more people ride, there is an increased need to educate bicyclists and motorists about the rules of the road. The summer About Town includes a brief article (p. 10) on this topic. It quotes Minnesota State Statute 169.222, Subd. 1, but leaves out a very important part. The statute reads: "Traffic laws apply. Every person operating a bicycle shall have all of the rights and duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle by this chapter, except in respect to those provisions in this chapter relating expressly to bicycles and in respect to those provisions of this chapter which by their nature cannot reasonably be applied to bicycles." The last part--"except in respect to those provisions in this chapter relating expressly to bicycles and in respect to those provisions in this chapter which by their nature cannot reasonably be applied to bicycles"--is important. There are traffic laws that apply to both bicyclists and motorists, such as signaling turns or stopping at stop signs. There are traffic laws that apply to motorists, but not bicyclists, such as not driving in a parking lane or on the shoulder (bicyclists can, motorists cannot), and there are traffic laws that apply only to motorists, such as 169.15, Subd. 1. So, the statement in the article "Like any other driver, bicyclists must follow all of the rules of the road," is not true. Bicyclists must follow all the rules of the road that apply to bikes. As the City adds more bicycle facilities, and more residents ride for fun, fitness or transportation, I'd like to see more focus on bicycle education and making sure the information is accurate so that our streets can be safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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