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Mary Shannahan about 3 years ago

Can easily use and convert tennis courts by adding lines and a temporary net. Or make some permanent courts. It is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.


There is some space available next to the sand pit where a little house could go. I was at a playground recently with a playhouse and the kids loved it! I think it would make a good addition to the Pamela park playground. It could be a huge hit with the younger kids. It's very safe and can be built to last forever with the same type of materials as the rest of the playground.

Alternatively possibly some permanent sand toys in the pit could be fun.

There is already a pond nearby so a wetland area (some cattails and grasses etc) would fit in nicely. Alternatively could make it into a rain garden. I am a big fan of the work that has gone into Pamela Park! Love the path and hope it connects in a loop soon. Also the soccer fields that will not flood are brilliant, though I do see a lot of soccer balls end up in the small pond that has been created and the pond is drying up and is mud now and a bit stinky. This problem would be solved with a wetland or rain garden.

Edina needs it's own indoor tennis and pickleball facility. Pickleball= fastest growing sport for seniors. Tennis = sport for all ages; Edina State Champions , record setting champions; give them a facility!!!! The Grandview spot is the perfect location to add a bubble in the bubble!

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Groom a creek for skating commuters, dog walkers, stroller pushers, hockey players and general dawdlers. For an example, see Winnipeg's Assiniboine River 4 mile skating trail. Is it a good fit for our community? Will it promote a healthy lifestyle for young and old?

(This would give those young hockey players and figure skaters more ice time!)

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Preserve a dog park on north east corner of Weber Park if land is sold by Minneapolis. Or even better keep it as is, a truly unique "lost urban woods", however being fenced and requiring a permit.

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The Concord / St. Johns Park neighborhood would really love to see St. Johns Park utilized a little better. Small neighborhood parks add so much and get people in the neighborhood together. Most talked about for St. Johns Park, however, is the wish for a simple ice rink in the winter. The park and rec park "amenities" grid actually shows that St. Johns Park DOES have an ice rink, but alas, it does not. :-( It would be so loved by our neighborhood!

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There are many visitors to the park who have small children. It would be great to have a play-area/ playground with slides, swings, etc. for parents and their children.

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It would be great if Normandale Park had a paved path to enter from the 66th St side. The Park has only an entrance designed for cars. The Brookview Heights neighborhood residents walking with kids in strollers or on bikes/scooters have to navigate traffic, sometimes lots of it during baseball season. It's not safe and it really is sad that a park is designed to be reached by car only.

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I was just riding my bike in the Braemar Arena area and was surprised there is no biking/walking path along McCauley Trail. Traffic moves pretty fast so did not feel comfortable riding in the road. I was wondering if there were any plans in the future? It looks like the city does mow a swath along the road but it sure would be nice to have a regular path. Thanks for providing this space!!

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