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Dylan Noonan 9 months ago

We live near 50th and France and we're tired of cars speeding down our street. There are many families on our street with young children that would love the idea to be a reality. I'm specifically talking about Halifax Ave S but I'm sure other streets have similar concerns.

Is there a way we can request a survey or poll to implement the idea?

The cars speed around the corner off of France onto 49 1/2 street. It is dangerous to cross at the 49 1/2 crosswalk that is west of the walgreens parking lot. It is also very dangerous to cross at any of the corners at France and 49th 1/2 street especially in the morning around 8am and in the evening from 330 to 6pm. Please help with traffic calming in this neighborhood.

Jordan Gilgenbach over 3 years ago

Idea received from Joel Stegner:

We all recently read about the outwardly normal, but depressed Minnetonka business owner who used a shotgun to murder his entire family before taking his own life. These kinds of stories happen every day and could easily happen in Edina. What is to be done about these situations? I have an idea that just might help.

Mentally disordered, angry men with guns are dangerous to themselves and their loved ones. Some have protection orders placed on them, but that doesn't always prevent senseless violence from occurring. American men love guns and once they have them, they are reluctant to give them up permanently, but I suspect that many families know when having a gun present puts people at risk. For those men who haven't lost their gun rights, there is no easy way for them to put away their guns for safekeeping until they work out their mental health or anger management problems.

One solution could be for a free gun storage program operated by the police department. Citizens could be encouraged to bring in their guns for safe storage if they fear they will be used by a family member to take a life. Unless a crime is committed, the person would able to retrieve the gun after a cooling off period no questions asked. As suicide and murder are impulsive acts, simply not having a gun handy when the urge to use one violently occurs, it seems like it would lower the risk of gun violence in the city. While I do advocate more comprehensive measures to curb gun violence, this suggestion encourages responsible gun ownership.

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May Bike Safety Month - the safety of bikes.

Please switch the title and the description, as what I wrote ended up in the title due to a glitch in your system. I don't want to retype a long idea and see no way to copy paste the switch myself.

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Joel Stegner, Community volunteer over 4 years ago

The police have a new program to stop bicyclists who break traffic laws, announced in a just-issued press release. While I agree with the idea, I think Edina needs to think more broadly about this issue. First there is the issue of traffic design. It is currently very difficult to safely travel through certain parts of the city on bike. While Edina does enforce the speed laws, speeding, particularly on heavily travelled roads in common, and the places where bike travel are too close to traffic at the speed cars and trucks are driving, particularly as many have become larger and less maneuverable. Second, there is driver behavior. I'd bring up the failure of a very large percentage of drivers to signal their turns, Where this is a special problem for bike riders is when cars pull in front of a bike, fails to signal and turn right. Another is when a vehicle is going from the opposite direction and turns left. This failure to signal intention is dangerous driving, gives the bicyclist no time to react, and is likely to result in a severe injury or direct. Combine that with not fully stopping a stop sign and pulling out in front of a bicyclist who has right of way, opening a car door without looking . . . I could go on. The biggest toll of these driver practices - none of which is justified - is fear on the part of people who would want to use our streets to ride their bikes, which means they stay home or drive, which is both unhealthy and increases traffic congestion. So in other worlds, if the police are going to have a campaign targeted unsafe bicycling, please at the same time remind us that most often when cyclists are injured or killed, a motor vehicle has done the damage. And motorists should realize that stopping a bike at a stop sign involves a lot more effort than using your turn signal.

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It would be interesting if Edina became a innovator in safety http://www.visionzeroinitiative.com looking into zero death roadway design. Looking to working models to eleminate roadway fatalities, see video and link enclosed.

Parks are attractive to predators, as natural places for kids to play. The bushes here prevent open viewing of this area.

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I use a wheelchair to get around the Centennial Lakes area in the nicer weather, and I've noticed some of the sidewalks around the park as well as along York and Parklawn are in need of repairs, or at least a bit of minor patching up. Especially if this is to be thought of as a pedestrian-friendly city.

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A roundabout at Tracy & Valley Lane would alleviate traffic congestion and increase safety at this dangerous intersection. Traffic is horrendous, especially with the High School and VVMS just up the hill. Turning left onto Tracy can literally take several minutes when traffic is heavy and the line at the stop sign can wind all along Valley Lane. A roundabout would slow traffic and keep it flowing at a steady, safer pace.

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As we implement the neighborhood plans, I would love to see this issue addressed by perhaps a change in the traffic pattern at this intersection as one approaches 70th St, or turns off from 70th street to enter the neighborhood. At present this is an accident waiting to happen; an almost 'blind' yield for Limerick for traffic coming down the hill on Hillside. Further, cars coming off 70th and needing to crossover to get to one or the other lane. It is hard to explain, but anyone who uses this daily will know what I mean. 

I think we may want to block traffic access on Hillside between Brook Dr. and the intersection, except allowing for access to/from 70th for the two houses at the end of Hillside. Other traffic can all be diverted so that Limerick is the only street being used to/from 70th street.

This will also address the potential danger on the other end of Hillside, at Brook Dr., again a danger of cars coming down two adjacent descents.

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