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Idea: Road Repair

Richard Cheng 5 months ago

Have you ever seen road repairs, and no one is working on it? This certainly provides inconvenience to residents for no reason at all. I suggest road repairs be done one at a time. The construction company should not put up all the road blocks and not working on the site. After they put up all the road blocks, they should work on it and finish it right away.

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Next Century Cities is an organization for cities seeking to provide 1 gigabit municipal broadband. Is this something Edina is able to do? Would there be community support for it? Can Edina provide a service that scales with available technology faster than monopolistic industry can?

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Recently completed highway improvements have increased the amount cars that use169. creating longer "rush hour" times with increased noise disturbance. All of which effect the residents in the neighborhood east of the highway.

Neighborhood home values are sustainal enough and deserve the physical appearance fencing would be provide. Also help the sale of homes.

It would reduce the litter that blows over from the highway to the frontage road.

Decrease roadkill.

Provide a safer separationbetween highway and residential areas that are filled with Families with children.

This area is a wonderful neighborhood that sometimes may be forgotten, being that it is located close to city lines.

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Sj Burton over 3 years ago

Can someone PLEASE research the effects of all the McMansion / rebuilds are having on the city public works.... OUR block - area is having SO MANY WATER pipe - water issues. It seems to co-inside WITH TEAR DOWNS. 1.) What is the long term effect, to the current residents systems & city system as a whole, to have pockets of water/sewer/gas systems TURNED OFF, IN THE WINTER to remove a house? 2.) What damage or result does it cause to the city infrastructures - to have the utilities off - and when they get turned back on - a five bath - 12 drain - McMansion is now connected to an aging system DESIGNED for a much smaller scale home / usage? 3.) WHO PAYS FOR the above EFFECTS? The city, with all the generated tax monies? The builder making the huge profit? The home owner wanting a golf course worthy home - but not the taxes of the lot in which it SHOULD SIT ON. My guess, ME..... and those of us who live here, who once loved & took pride in the cozy, same yet different picturesque neighborhood WE ONCE HAD. The McMansions on each block - stick out, like a sore thumb..... What will happen, if their get to be SO MANY - it casts dreary shadows - that NO ONE wants to live IN OR AROUND THEM.....transforming once sunny, happy child filled street of laughs , memories, bikes & Popsicles - with empty houses & sad shadows. Who will live here then? To sustain & take pride in, what was once, a great secret paradise to raise children.
Perhaps you should be MORE concerned / interested in ASSISTING the aging population (the ones who financed & built this great city) in MAINTAINING & keeping up their properties - INSTEAD OF everyone turning their back & ignoring it - uhhp tear it down - build it huge - HUGE..... Take care of, honor & respect the great, cozy, safe, homey neighborhood feel. YOU CANT BUY THAT or bring it back......once it's lost. Once it's tore down. What will it really cost the city, in 10 years? Or 50? What will the neighborhoods look like then?

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Restrict private snow plow hours. I recently moved to the Southdale area and was shocked at how disruptive and noisy the private snow plowers are. It seems there are no restrictions on hours- I've heard them at 12:15 AM, 3 AM, and 4:15 AM. I could understand the necessity if we got a large amount of snow, but some of these private plowers are scraping driveways at 4 AM after less than 1 inch of snow. As a parent with a 2 yr old and 6 month old who already struggles to get a good night's sleep, adding yet another noise disturbance is maddening. Could we at least impose restrictive hours when there isn't a snow emergency declared? Perhaps no private snow plows before 5:30 AM? I'd be extremely grateful!!!

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Edina is replacing water meters in the city with pulsing microwave emitting EMF water meters. Studies have shown this to be detrimental to our health and potentially cancer causing. Why would the city of Edina replace these meters without thouroughly researching them first and protect the residents of the city?

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Idea: Melody Lake

Vicky x over 5 years ago

Some how the City of Edina keeps draining Melody Lake either due to mechanical error, human error (left pump running all weekend) and now from street repairs.

Melody Lake is dry for about a block long...killing fish and other water creatures! 

I guess they are not concerned about the fish they just killed! 


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