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Joel Stegner, Community volunteer 6 months ago

At busy intersections with lots of pedestrians stop all traffic and create diagonal cross crosswalks through the middle of intersections to greatly reduce the risk of vehicles hitting pedestrians. This is being done in LA and other places in California, which can be confirmed by a Google search.


Ann Anderson over 2 years ago

We should have an Edina Circulator bus, on the order of the intercampus buses at the U. It could have strategic pickup spots in the residential areas and go to all the popular retail and other public areas: community center, swimming pool, 50th and France, 44th and France, Bren Road and 169, Jerry's area, 70th St and Hazelton shops, 494 and France/Trader Joe's/Bobby & Steve's, Centennial Lakes/Whole Foods, 70th and Cahill businesses, 77th Street/Metro Boulevard, YMCA, LA Fitness, etc. Metro Transit seems to be a good system, but when you get away from Southdale, the bus service is more sporadic and focused on specific times of day and typical commuter direction. We could have a couple of routes that just keep circulating around and around Edina at all times. That would help hook people up with the Southdale transit hub and also would cut down on traffic and parking problems.

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France Avenue traffic is forever snarled at Minnesota Drive and also at 78th Street.
I would think that dedicating the middle lane of France Avenue to access eastbound 494 could more evenly distribute the cars. This would ease up the traffic in the right lane to access Minnesota Drive and later 78th Street; leaving the remainder of the cars to have a dedicated access to westbound 494.
The issue starts in Edina and also is in Bloomington's territory. Perhaps it's all decisions made by Hennepin County, or maybe MnDot? All it really needs is to change the signage.

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Through February 29, 2016, MnDOT is doing a congestion relief survey, seeking input and thoughts about how Interstate 494 and Highway 62 can be improved. You can submit your ideas here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/i494and62study

The City of Edina should push for Local, State & Federal funding for Re-Establishing commuter passenger rail service from 494 to the Wooddale SWLRT Station along the Dan Patch Rail Line. This connected with a street car system along 50th thru to Southwest Mpls and North South from 44th to Southdale will help local business compete with MOA and provide family safe commuter travel for all ages to key services throughout the City and Region

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Light Rail transportation has many benefits from bringing in new revenue, lowering our environmental footprint, and making our community more accessible to all residents. Modernize Edina's transportation system by adding an Edina Light Rail stop.

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Edina's streets have probably never been caught up in repair and maintenance.

Our streets outta be the best along with our schools. It is infrastructure and funds well spent . City could Issue Bonds at todays 1%-2% tax exempt interest rates and CATCH UP .

Instead of charging residents appx Half; perhaps charge residents appx 1/4 of cost as overall great streets would be an asset to the City and get us on level with Chanhassen.

The Transportation commission should address and spearhead this. How about a report to the residents on all the streets in disrepair and the $$ to fix and the timeline with/without a Bond .

In any street Bond please do not include in the School Bond as they are not the same and residents deserve to vote separately. on items over $20 million.

Sidebar: We may now have the most experienced and capable City Council and Mayor in history :)

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Some streets (e.g. Crocker Ave.) have more driveways on one side of the street than the other. The typical plow pattern here is first South to North, then North to South. Because the plow covers 2/3 of the road, the first pass pushes 2/3 of the snow to the right. This pattern covers more driveways with more snow and inconveniences more residents than the switching the sequence would. Stolen idea from my neighbor Lyle.

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I live a mile from 62 and we hear planes all evening long every evening (to the point where you have to stop your conversation and wait until it passes). Last year it was not really noticeable but this year it's terrible. Can we work on spreading the planes out to be more fair?

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Please do something about the intersection at France Ave and Hwy 62. Even without the current construction going on its horrible. The northbound traffic backs up nearly half way to 494 because of people trying to get on westbound 62. Without doing much I can only suggest better signage to turn at 66th St to take the "back way" on. Construction wise the very least which should be done is extend the northbound left turn lane to begin at 66th St. Otherwise the traffic ends up being two left hand turn lanes and you can't go straight through since the far right lane would put on you 62 East.

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